Public Relations

Facebook is great. Twitter is great. Instagram rules. Email marketing is also rad.

… but sometimes you need something more. You need to get the word out there.

Enter: PR.

Public Relations in the age of the Internet can be confounding; it’s supposed to be easier than ever, but the reality is a lot different from how the blueprints looked. Often that much sought-after “media hit” never happens and you’re left wondering if your email bounced.

But the good news is that Side Three specializes in helping you write the best press releases, preparing the most flattering digital press kits, and sourcing the best reporters and outlets for your story. Even if you’re new to PR we can get you up to speed and podcast-ready in no time. Nothing makes your site grow and make you look more professional than a press bump, and we can help make it happen.

Contact us today to learn how to make your presence felt in the media sphere.


Basic guide: $350 — Includes audit of resources, copywriting, outreach list compilation, and software/service suggestions.

Advanced guide: $500 — Includes audit of resources, copywriting, comprehensive scheduling, outreach list compilation, market research, and software/service suggestions.

Additional support: $60 an hour.