Mailing Lists and News Blasts

Can you believe it’s 2015 and we’re STILL talking about email?

We can… because it WORKS.

Email remains one of the most effective — if not the most effective — marketing, outreach, and customer relationship tools on the face of the planet… but it’s dangerous.

How many times have you gotten an email from some company and thought to yourself “again!?”? Email marketing is a world riddled with its own particular pitfalls and annoyances.

Side Three’s team has been designing email campaigns, newsletters, and email strategy guides for years. We’re not about spam; we’re about keeping your message front and center and allowing you to grow your footprint in a way that’s natural and fits your audience. From the software systems required to the copy itself, we can build you an email strategy and delivery system that will keep your subscribers from rolling their eyeballs and hitting “unsubscribe.” It’s time to stop making each message a liability!

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Mailing list and email package: $500 — excludes software and graphic design.

Required turnaround time: 8-10 days.