Digital Marketing Crash Course

If you can give us eight hours, we can give you the whole ball of wax.

We’ve spent years talking with and listening to people who are new to social media and digital marketing, and we know the issues and concerns that newcomers have when it comes to these complex fields.

We know it’s not easy at first; there are a bevy of platforms and a million different approaches to them. It’s only a matter of time until you find yourself overwhelmed with questions. “What do I want to use? How do I use it? How much TIME will this take? Do I have to hire somebody for this? Should I get an intern? Should I pay for ads? How about graphics? Do I need special software? This person says THIS and this other person says THAT… what should I do? And come on… really… how can this help my business?!?”

Taxing, right?

But don’t worry… we’ve got your back.

We’ve developed a one-day crash course for business people, creatives, and organizations that explains the basics of how to start using social media and digital marketing to your advantage WITHOUT breaking the bank or turning you into a typing machine that never sees daylight. Side Three’s goal is to make you and your team comfortable with social media and digital marketing in a way that works for you and compliments your day-to-day routine. Digital shouldn’t be a burden!

In our workshop we’ll cover the basics of social media, its use, and how to apply it toward your specific goals and needs. Topics include content strategy, media planning, social media technology, platform comparisons, smartphone utilization, software and app suggestions, email lists, and conversion and sales strategies. We’ll also discuss paid media, community management techniques, and how to address online conflict.

In addition to the workshop itself, Side Three offers each participant a brief one-on-one session where we’ll discuss your goals and provide some suggestions to help get you started. Documentation and resource guides will be provided ahead of time for all participants. Our crash courses are offered both in-person and online, and we offer discounts for multiple attendees from the same organization. Contact us today to schedule a session!


Open crash course session: $350 (per participant) — Limit of ten participants per class. Please join our mailing list to receive updates regarding our class schedule.

Private one-on-one crash course session: $500 — Available via Skype or in-person for those in the Los Angeles area.

Corporate training session: $1500 per day.

NPO and educator discounts are available. Please contact us to discuss options.