Digital Marketing Audits

The web is a big place, and it’s as easy to lose sight of where you are just as easily as it is to lose sight of where you WANT to be.

Side Three offers comprehensive digital marketing audits for those concerned about how they’re performing on the Internet. Using quantitative and qualitative metrics, our team will analyze your social media and digital marketing numbers, platform utilization, and content to come up with actionable suggestions and approaches that will boost your performance both online and off. We’ll also analyze both your direct competitors as well as some outliers whose online marketing may compliment yours in ways you’d never think to notice.

The end result? An easy-to-comprehend report that will quiet the noise of uncertainty and provide you with a roadmap that you can apply to your social media planning and digital marketing strategies.


Comprehensive audit: $350 — Includes suggestions and overall roadmap.

Required turnaround time: 10 days.