Learn more about what we do and how we do it.

Digital Marketing Crash Courses – Check out our one-day digital workshops, online or offline, to get your business or project up to speed on the basics of digital marketing.

Social Media Marketing – Whether you’re trying to get more traffic into your store, more followers on your Twitter account, or more eyeballs on your site, we can help you learn how to take advantage of social media in effective, direct ways.

Social Media Planning – Need to start your social journey, but not sure where to begin? Let us help you craft an insightful and actionable social media plan that won’t require an army to carry out.

Digital Marketing and Public Relations Training – Does your team have a handle on social, but you’re in need of an iron grip? Side Three offers both digital marketing and PR training sessions as well as ongoing, low-cost mentorship.

Mailing Lists and News Blasts – News flash: Email’s not dead! In fact it’s still the ruler of the digital empire. Let our team craft an email strategy that makes sense for you.

Crowdfunding Support – Whether you’re a Maker, a musician, or an entrepreneur just trying to find your feet, it’s a known fact that crowdfunding is a major part of today’s Internet economy. Side Three can give you the skills and the steps to make your campaign successful.

Digital Marketing Audits – Not sure where you stand on the web? Want a second opinion on your marketing? Let’s talk.

Community Management – Finally making the impact you want, but too time-crunched to manage the messages? Don’t leave it to an intern; find out how we can engage your audience AND keep the trolls away.

Public Relations – None of us burned our journalism degrees when we made the transition to digital. With our list of contacts, our network, and our research abilities Side Three can help you get the word to journalists, magazines, and newspapers throughout the world.

Event Management – We love both gatherings AND people. Find out how we can help you take the online offline… and vice versa!

Pricing – Side Three is about growth, but not in terms of bigger offices or bigger margins. We pride ourselves on being an affordable agency that aims to help small businesses, creatives, and organizations thrive. Our pricing is designed to reflect that.