Happy Holidays!! Thank You!!

First off: THANK YOU.

What can we say about 2015?

(Besides “yowza!”, of course.)

Big year.

Big, BIG year.

We’re all relaxing at our respective homes at the moment… well, as much as Twitter hounds like us can relax… but we did want to take a second to thank all of you for hanging out with us this year.

We met a lot of folks, worked with people from all over the globe, and learned a lot of things. The sheer number of events that the Side Three staff took part in over the course of 2015 is staggering, especially because we’re a very small team. But every second working with designers, programmers, teachers, librarians, marketers, videographers, event managers, and non-profit organizations was a joy, and being involved meant a lot to all of us.

From DML2015 all the way to Anime Expo, we had a blast.


Thank You and Happy Holidays

So again: Thank you.


Enjoy the holiday season. We’ll see you next year!