Mission Statement

Side Three Digital is a content marketing, public relations, and social media consulting company that specializes in working with creatives, community-oriented organizations, and small to medium businesses. Our ultimate goal is to harness our years of collective experience, education, and knowhow to the benefit of our clients.

We are NOT an advertising agency. We are NOT social media glory hounds who will be off to the next goofy business trend in the blink of an eye. We are NOT playing around on the web during down time between classes. We ARE a group of professionals that is serious about utilizing the Internet as a space for creative expression.

Side Three believes that our customers should be focused on using the web to achieve their core business, artistic, and organizational goals. We tailor our work accordingly, and we aim to educate our clients so they can “take the reigns” and control their message with zero apprehension.

Side Three Digital’s staff consists of a diverse array of people who grew up on the web, and we are going to stay here. It’s where we are most comfortable, and we know it well.

We hope you’ll consider letting us show you around.